Water - Product List

TOC analyzer
BOD system
COD TN TP System
Carbon nitrogen elemental analyzer

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer

BOD system

COD TN TP System

Carbon Nitrogen Elemental Analyzer

portable water analysis laboratory
turbidity meter
portable turbidity meter

Portable Water Analysis Laboratory

Turbidity Meter

Portable Turbidity Meter


pool & spa water test kit
pH tds temp pocket tester
multiparameter benchtop meter
portable pH meter

Pool & Spa Water Test Kit

pH TDS Temp Pocket Tester

Multiparameter Benchtop Meter

Portable pH Meter

benchtop pH conductivity do meter
portable conductivity meter
handheld pH conductivity meter
handheld do and temp meter

Benchtop pH Conductivity DO Meter

Portable Conductivity Meter

Handheld pH Conductivity Meter

Handheld DO and Temp Meter

rapid coliform and e.coli measuring systems
rapid biomass detection system
oil content analyzer

Rapid Coliform and E.coli Measuring Systems

Rapid Biomass Detection System

Oil Content Analyzer

Digital Water Level Recorder (DWLR)

water level indicator
real time water quality monitoring sonde
open channel flow velocity and level meter
Multi Parameter Coastal Sea Water Quality Meter

Water Level Indicator

Real Time Water Quality Monitoring Sonde

Open Channel Flow Velocity and Level Meter

Multi Parameter Coastal Sea Water Quality Meter

phosphate sensor
uv nitrate meter

Phosphate Sensor

UV Nitrate Meter