IHS - Product List

Basic sound level meter
Examining sound level meter
Patrolling Sound Level Meter
Noise dosimeter

Basic Sound Level Meter

Examining Sound Level Meter

Patrolling Sound Level Meter

Noise Dosimeter

heat stress monitor
personal vibration meter
light meter
Vibration meter

Heat Stress Monitor

Personal Vibration Meter

Light Meter

Vibration Meter

Stationary infrared thermometer
handheld infrared thermometer
Personal air samplers
Gas & Vapor sampling media

Stationary Infrared Thermometer

Handheld Infrared Thermometer

Personal Air Samplers

Gas & Vapor Sampling Media

Particulate sampling media
dgms approved personal dust sampler
direct reading and compliance dust monitor
personal realtime aerosol monitor

Particulate Sampling Media

DGMS Approved Personal Dust Sampler

Direct Reading and Compliance Dust Monitor

Personal Realtime Aerosol Monitor

personal realtime diesel particulate monitor
personal aerosol size selective exposure monitor
primary gas flow calibrators
personal air sampling pump calibrator

Personal Realtime Diesel Particulate Monitor

Personal Aerosol Size Selective Exposure Monitor

Primary Gas Flow Calibrators

Personal Air Sampling Pump Calibrator

single gas detector
respirator fit tester
colorimetric gas detection tubes
compressed breathing air quality monitoring kit

Single Gas Detector

Respirator Fit Tester

Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes

Compressed Breathing Air Quality Monitoring Kit

alcohol breath tester
industrial hygiene kits
bio sampler kit
carpet bio sampling kit

alcohol breath tester

Industrial Hygiene Kits

Bio Sampler Kit

Carpet Bio Sampling Kit

bio viable cascade impactor
Bio spore trap cassettes
Fixed portable iaq monitor
co2 rh temp display

Bio Viable Cascade Impactor

Bio Spore Trap Cassettes

Fixed Portable IAQ Monitor

CO2 RH Temp Display

co2 transmitter
handheld iaq monitor
iaq monitor built in standards
15 channel iaq monitor

CO2 Transmitter

Handheld IAQ Monitor

IAQ Monitor Built in Standards

15 Channel IAQ Monitor

8 channel iaq monitor
multi function anemometer
biological air sampler

8 Channel IAQ Monitor

Multi Function Anemometer

Biological Air Sampler